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Conjure the Ultimate Luxury Lifestyle

As a Certified ELAN Installer, we revel in crafting unique, intuitive and high-performance technology solutions for properties in Greater Denver and High Rockies.

Surveillance & Video Doorbells

Empower your home’s security with surveillance cameras and video doorbells featuring the latest cutting-edge video analytics. With motion sensors that reduce false alarms and advanced facial recognition, embrace a more proactive surveillance solution for your estate.

Actively Monitor Your Home

Easily View Real-Time or Recorded Footage at Any Time

  • Video Doorbells
    Answer the door from anywhere using your favorite smart device or touch panel. Receive a notification when a car or person approaches through precise motion detection. With a slim build and multiple color varieties, they fit seamlessly with any door décor.
  • Bullet Cameras (Indoor and Outdoor)
    Have a precise view of your hallways, garage, or entryways with bullet cameras designed to monitor a fixed area. Adjust quickly to bright and dark conditions with powerful IR illumination, backlight compensation and shutter speed control.
  • Dome Cameras (Indoor and Outdoor)
    Need to get coverage of a broader area like a living room or patio? Ceiling-mounted dome cameras deliver optimal reach while not letting visitors know exactly where the lens is pointed. Industrial-grade designs add flexibility and reduce tampering risks.
  • Turrets Cameras (Outdoor)
    Since Turret cameras don’t have the IR reflection issues associated with dome cameras, they’re perfect for outdoor applications in the backyard, driveway, or main doorways. Housed within a stainless steel case, they are corrosion resistant as well.

    Multi-Room Audio/Video

    Access your hand-selected movies, music and TV shows anywhere, anytime. Enjoy different media in each room or play the same track throughout the house.

    AV Built to Amaze

    Elegant and effortless indoor and outdoor entertainment solutions.

    • HDMI Switches
      HDMI switches distribute high-performance audio and video to every corner of your property. Delivering stellar video quality through HDBaseTechnology, these switches also streamline your installation by sending IR, Ethernet, and AV signals through one cable.
    • Audio Amplifiers
      Dream up the perfect entertainment system with amplifiers that integrate your favorite audio and video sources, including CDs, Satellite radio, streaming and more. Naturally manage volume, bass and pre-set settings in each zone through your favored control device.
    • Audio Tuners
      Revive your love of radio with tuners offering seamless access to your favorite stations. Dedicated outputs for your AM/FM and Sirius stations let you listen to two different radio streams simultaneously in separate rooms or throughout the house.


      Flawlessly manage all of your technology from touchpads, mobile apps, voice commands or sophisticated handheld remotes. Make changes from across the globe and enjoy personalized interfaces with one-touch control of your favorites.

      Elevate Your Smart Home

      Bring the ultimate luxury experience to your residence with streamlined, intuitive control.

      • Touch Panels
        Control lights, AV, security and more from sleek touch panels with built-in microphones for Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. As you approach your touch panel, it uses facial recognition to pull a personalized menu with your favorite features and settings.
      • Mobile Devices (iOS/Android)
        Download the ELAN app on your iOS or Android device to access your smart home technology from anywhere in the world. Effortlessly watch live or recorded surveillance footage, lock doors and review security logs for your primary residence or vacation home.
      • Remotes
        With sleek touch screens and personalized one-button controls, Elan offers a modern take on the traditional handheld remote. Instantly manage your entertainment, lights and climate across multiple zones without even having to look down at your device.

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